William J. Biggins D.M.D.
Welcome to our practice and thank you for selecting our office to serve your dental needs. Our office is designed for your comfort and our staff is devoted to making your visit pleasant. We hope that your relationship with our office will be an effective and satisfying one for years to come.

Emergency Visits
We will make every effort to treat your immediate problem. Patients who enter this practice on an emergency basis should arrange for further treatment. The practice of making dental visits only when an emergency arises will not be acceptable in this office.

First Appointment
At the first appointment a thorough examination of all areas of your mouth will be done. This will include a detailed examination of the teeth, soft tissue, supporting structures, alignment, bite and more. All of this information will be carefully evaluated so that we may accurately access your dental needs.

Preventive Oral Hygiene Appointment
After your initial examination you will be instructed in a preventive oral hygiene session. During this time you will be made aware of the latest home care practices that correspond to your individual needs. Your teeth will be cleaned by one of our licensed dental hygienists. They are professionals dedicated to preserving and maintaining you maximum oral health.

Dental Evaluation and Treatment Plan
After your preventative appointment you will receive an outline of your dental evaluation and treatment plan, which with your cooperation, will restore your mouth to a completely healthy and functional state.

An estimate of the approximate cost of treatment will also be made at this time. You are encouraged to ask any questions concerning your dental care. Successful treatment can only be achieved when there is a mutual understanding between patient and provider.

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