What will happen to me?
What will happen to me?
BMJ Group, Thursday 5 February 2009 00.00 GMT

It's hard to say whether your burning mouth syndrome will get better, stay the same or get worse. That's because different studies have found different things.

It's important to remember that although burning mouth syndrome is uncomfortable, it's not dangerous and it won't damage your mouth or your teeth. There are some treatments that may help your mouth feel less sore. But there hasn't been much research into this condition.[1]

Most people have symptoms for at least six months before seeking help. Some people feel better once they know that it isn't a sign of a serious disease and decide not to have any treatment. Others decide to go ahead with one of the treatments, although there isn't a definite cure.

One study found that about half of the people who have burning mouth syndrome find it improves or goes away eventually, whether they have treatment or not. But this may take as long as seven years.[2] Another study found that about one-third of people felt less pain within five years of having treatment.[3]

Even if you have treatment, it may be several weeks or longer before you notice any improvement. In one study, some people found their symptoms were continuing to get better (or that they went away completely) as long as six months after finishing treatment.[4]

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soso says: 2012-05-09 06:26:01
this is the fifth year suffering from burning tongue and gums in addition to oain in the teeth.. nothing worked with me.. what do you offer to give for people who suffer from this mysterious painn.. any help

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