Keratinocyte growth factor-2
Keratinocyte growth factor-2
United States Patent 6,693,077
Ruben , et al. February 17, 2004
This invention relates to newly identified polynucleotides, polypeptides encoded by such polynucleotides, the use of such polynucleotides and polypeptides, as well as the production of such polynucleotides and polypeptides. More particularly, the polypeptide of the present invention is a Keratinocyte Growth Factor, sometimes hereinafter referred to as "KGF-2" also formerly known as Fibroblast Growth Factor 12 (FGF-12). This invention further relates to the therapeutic use of KGF-2 to promote or accelerate wound healing. This invention also relates to novel mutant forms of KGF-2 that show enhanced activity, increased stability, higher yield or better solubility.
Inventors: Ruben; Steven M. (Brookeville, MD), Jimenez; Pablo (Chatham, NJ), Duan; D. Roxanne (Gaithersburg, MD), Rampy; Mark A. (Montgomery Village, MD), Mendrick; Donna (Mount Airy, MD), Zhang; Jun (San Diego, CA), NI; Jian (Germantown, MD), Moore; Paul A. (North Bethesda, MD), Coleman; Timothy A. (Gaithersburg, MD), Gruber; Joachim R. (Dallas, TX), Dillon; Patrick J. (Carlsbad, CA), Gentz; Reiner L. (Belo Horizonte-Mg, BR)
Assignee: Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Appl. No.: 09/610,651
Filed: June 30, 2000
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