GoldBamboo is a health and wellness web site where users can explore content from alternative healing disciplines ("Eastern") side-by-side with information from conventional medical science ("Western"). The purpose of the site is to meet the growing consumer demand for combining Eastern and Western treatments into an integrated approach focused by personal choice.

To meet this demand, GoldBamboo has utilized advanced search technology to develop the first Integrative Health OntologyTM. This ontology provides a knowledge map of health and wellness topics, relationships, and definitions across various conventional and alternative medical systems, allowing us to organize an overwhelming amount of health information. We then present the information using our East-West ViewerTM which provides a simplified way for users to explore and compare specific health content for diagnosing, treating, and coping with any condition.

As new information emerges, our Integrative Health OntologyTM evolves, which in turn improves our ability to empower our user community to gain the necessary knowledge to make informed health decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

GoldBamboo is a privately funded commercial entity located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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