Extremely healthy 59 year old male
Patient Profile: Extremely healthy 59 year old male who barely looks as if he's approaching his 40s
Medication prior to Gastroscope
1) Aciphex 20 mg (antacid)
2) Synthyroid 0.1 mg (Taking it once a day without break)
April 11, 2001
Gastroscope was performed to take biopsy because of h. pylori is at 3.57, whereas the normal range is 0.00 to 0.90 (almost 4 times the maximum).
Stomach aches prompted me to have the procedure done.
April 12, 2001
Stopped taking Aciphex (20 mg)
April 13 to April 28, 2001 (14 days)
1) Nexium 40 mg (Double the strength of Aciphex)
2) Prevpac (antibiotics), one Prevacid 30 mg, one Biaxin Filmtab 500 mg, two Trimox 500 mg
Twice a day, 12 hours apart, once in the morning, once in the evening
April 13 to May 12, 2001 (30 days)
1) Metoclopramidtab (to prevent vomiting out food)
May 2nd to May 15, 2001 (14 days) AND
May 30th to July 14, 2001 (46 days)AND
July 26th to Current date
1) Nexium 40 mg (antacid)
May 6 to May 9, 2001 (4 days)
4 per day á 16 rinse without swallowing
May 10 to May 15, 2001 (6 days)
3 to 4 per day á 23 rinse with swallowing
Total 10 days was 16 + 23 = 39 rinses

May 16 to June 20, 2001 (36 days)
1) Diflucan 100 mg (Total of 40 tablets)
(Took twice only on the first day, then once a day after that)
May 30, 2001
Went to see Gastroenterologist and said there is insignificant improvement and I have metallic rust taste in mouth, even after 10 days of Nystatin and 2 weeks of Diflucan. He said I should take at least 3 weeks of Diflucan and then it will be effective. Hence I continued the refill.
June 20, 2001
Called Gastroenterologist to ask for another refill for Diflucan and thatÌs when he said that I took it for too long. Instead of taking for 3 weeks, I took it for 6 weeks. He said take a blood test for CPC, Chem 7, and Liver Profile.
June 21, 2001
I took the prescribed blood test.
June 27, 2001
Tests came back negative, hense doctor told me to see Infectious Disease doctor since tongue problem was beyond his scope.
June 29, 2001
Saw Infectious Disease doctor and he only looked at my mouth. He said since I stopped taking Diflucan for about 10 days, let it be effective in my system and let it work. He didnÌt take any biopsy, culture, etc., nor did he prescribe anything. He said if you want, call back in 2 weeks.
July 13, 2001 (2 weeks later)
Called Infectious Disease doctor and said there was no improvement. Explained that fungus is there, still no improvement. Tried to explain the following:
Inside surface of mouth and non-fungus part of tongue has a terrible metallic rust taste that got even worse from two weeks ago. Also there is a burning sensation as if there are small cuts but the cuts cannot be seen. Hurts to drink hot tea, burning sensation even caused by gargling with diluted Listerine (more than 50%). Once, aftershave lotion touched the lips a little bit, and there was a burning sensation as well. Uncomfortable sensation concentrated at front of the mouth. When tongue is taken out, tip of tongue gets shock as if itÌs immediately been exposed to something. Tip of tongue doesnÌt appear to have fungus. Opening mouth wide hurts the corners of my lips, as if itÌs being stretched out of proportion. I scrub white thin layer from tongue with tongue cleaner at least twice, once in the morning, and once before I sleep. Color of tongue is light purplish-blue.
Infectious Disease doctor didnÌt seem interested in what I tried to tell him because in the middle of me telling him this, he said the condition wasnÌt Candida because if it were Candida, it would have gone away by now because of the Diflucan I took. I then asked what is it and he said he doesnÌt know but if I come to his office, he can look at it again. I said that the mouth looks the same and then I asked what is my recourse. He said maybe Ear Nose Throat doctor could help.
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