Dr. James T Moore
Dr. James T Moore
Burning Mouth And Seniors. Dr. Moore Can Help!
Burning mouth usually occurs in individuals over 50, but can affect others as well. There are several reasons why it occurs.
Denture problems: a new denture, or one that doesn't fit well, can irritate your entire mouth.
Reduced salivary gland function: Dr. Moore knows that this will cause the mouth to become dry, inviting oral discomfort, difficulty eating or swallowing, loss of taste, and a burning mouth. Salivary gland dysfunction sometimes comes with age. But there are saliva substitutes and rinses at St Louis Smile Center that we can prescribe to protect your oral tissues, and soothe burning sensations.
Medications: these often dry the mouth (side effects).
Vitamin deficiency: there is some evidence linking burning mouth syndrome to Vitamin B deficiency.
Candida infections: this is a common oral fungus, usually apparent to the eye but sometimes undetectable. At St Louis Smile Center we can prescribe a topical anti-fungal agent that can help the problem.
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Dr. James T Moore
I am proud to have served patients in our community for over 20 years. Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer you and your family the high level of care youǃÙre looking for.
Dr. Moore has trained with some of the world's most prominent Sedation Dental Specialists. He is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.
He is rapidly becoming known as St Louis Area's leading dentist for people who want to sleep through their dental treatment.
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