Capsaicin receptor ligands
Capsaicin receptor ligands
United States Patent 6,723,730
Bakthavatchalam , et al. April 20, 2004
Disclosed are diaryl piperazines and related compounds of the following Formula: ##STR1## wherein the variables are as defined in the specification. These compounds are selective modulators of capsaicin receptors, including human capsaicin receptors, that are, therefore, useful in the treatment of a chronic and acute pain conditions, itch and urinary incontinence. Methods of treatment of such disorders and well as packaged pharmaceutical compositions are also provided. Compounds of the invention are also useful as probes for the localization of capsaicin receptors and as standards in assays for capsaicin receptor binding and capsaicin receptor mediated cation conductance. Methods of using the compounds in receptor localization studies are given.
Inventors: Bakthavatchalam; Rajagopal (Wilmington, DE), Hutchinson; Alan (Madison, CT), DeSimone; Robert W. (Durham, CT), Hodgetts; Kevin J. (Killingworth, CT), Krause; James E. (Madison, CT), White; Geoffrey G. (Guilford, CT)
Assignee: Neurogen Corporation (Branford, CT)
Appl. No.: 09/910,442
Filed: July 20, 2001
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