Burning Tongue, The Scalded Mouth Feeling
Burning Tongue, The Scalded Mouth Feeling

Talk to a person whose mouth always feels as if it has just been scalded by the hottest cup of coffee, and you?ll get an insight to a very vexing and even poorly understood condition of the Burning Tongue Syndrome.

There are many reasons for this condition, and it is usually is an indication of larger problems. Some of the main causes are thrush, psychological factors, and poor nutrition. Recently when my grandfather suffered from this I realized that even badly fitting dentures can be a problem.

Curious about the problem I checked out a little bit more about it, to know that even nerve damage, acid reflux disease, medications, repetitive oral habits, endocrine disorders, and hormonal imbalances especially during menopause can be important causes. I also had the startling revelation that more women suffer from it than men.

Thrush, which is by far is the most common cause, is basically an oral yeast infection. This usually happens when there is a chemical imbalance in the body.? The fungus Candida albicans grows in the mouth and throat forming white lesion.

When you meet a doctor about it, be prepared for a range of tests including a complete blood cell count to look for infections or anemia, nutritional deficiencies and diabetes. You may even have to get a range of allergy tests done along with an oral swab to see which fungus is at the root of the problem.

To prevent this rather uncomfortable sensation you would have to fix the problem first. This means if dentures are the problem, then get it fixed, if it is acidity or acid reflux -change your diet.You will be given anti fungal medicine to cure the disease.

To aid healing, as in most cases, quitting smoking is a good idea; this will prevent wide ranging problems other than Burning Mouth Syndrome.

When my granddad had the problem he was recommended plenty of vitamin B and iron rich foods, such as whole grain, fruits, lean meat, nuts and more these help in faster recovery. It is also a good idea to brush your teeth with soda bi-carbonate, just in case you are allergic to a dental hygiene product.

Of course till it cures chew a sugar free gum or suck a piece of ice it might cool things down.

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