Burning Mouth Treatment
Burning Mouth Treatment

Burning mouth or burning mouth syndrome, scientifically known as glossodynia, refers to an intense burning sensation in the mouth, usually on the tongue and lips. It is most often witnessed in elderly people and tends to last from four to six days. It is extremely painful while it lasts and activities like eating can be quite harrowing. The root cause for a burning mouth is not so easily identifiable. More often than not, it is attributed to a yeast infection in the mouth. Some time though, a hormonal imbalance or an endocrine disorder can result in burning mouth syndrome too. Yet in other cases, nerve damage and even a deficiency of vitamin B12 have been identified as causes of glossodynia. The affliction starts off with making you feel constantly thirsty despite drinking water. The tongue keeps going dry and soon the dryness gives way to a constant burning sensation. Once you experience burning mouth syndrome it is necessary to ascertain the cause in order to treat it correctly. Medical supervision is advised to achieve this. Sometimes the cause can be as simple as ill-fitting dentures or damage caused by extremely spicy food and hence, it is imperative to determine the cause before using any specific medication.

Treating burning lips will depend totally on the signs and symptoms that the sufferer displays. If the burning sensation is identified as due to a yeast infection, maintaining hygiene in your mouth is of paramount importance. Use the right toothpaste and avoid the ones containing harsh chemical contents. A gentle mouthwash too will greatly aid in eliminating an infection of the mouth. Drink a lot of fluids throughout the day to keep your mouth well lubricated. Tobacco and alcohol should be strictly avoided along with restriction in the use of cinnamon, mint and spices in the food. Stay away from acidic foods, citrus fruits and aerated soft drinks. Some people also advise the intake of vitamin B and vitamin E tablets to expedite the healing. However, an even better alternative would be to supplement your diet with a lot of green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and the like. Sucking constantly on ice chips help bring immediate succor. Sugar can be quite harmful if you are experiencing burning mouth syndrome. Hence, confectionary and especially ice cream should be strictly avoided. Another remedy used and advised in order to quickly heal burning mouth syndrome is brushing one’s teeth using baking soda and water.

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