Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes | Diseases of the Mouth
Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes | Diseases of the Mouth

A burning mouth or tongue is otherwise known as burning mouth syndrome. Its medical names are Glossodynia, Glossopyrosis and Oral galvanism. The most commonly affected parts are the tongue, insides of the lower lips or in some cases, the palate. It is most commonly witnessed in middle aged people and tends to last for three or four days. However, these three days can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause tremendous pain and burning in the mouth, especially while eating. The causes of a burning mouth and tongue are many. The most common cause is a yeast infection in some part of the mouth. Even slight cuts or wounds on the insides of the mouth can cause this since the mouth is constantly wet and application of any ointment is virtually impossible. Yet other causes can be an imbalance of hormones, an endocrine disorder or even nerve damage. In the event of burning mouth and tongue, the ideal thing to do is opt for medical supervision in order to try and ascertain the root cause. It has also been noticed that sometimes, menopausal changes or even a deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to a burning mouth and tongue.

The first sign is a constant feeling of thirst. This is due to the dryness in the mouth caused by the burning mouth syndrome. Over time the dryness will give way to a slight pain that increases in intensity over time. Within a couple of hours one may find one’s lips, tongue and palate in searing pain or a burning sensation. Sometimes, depression and tiredness too are accompanying symptoms. The good news is that there are as many remedies for burning mouth and tongue as causes for the affliction. The first and foremost thing to do is to administer immediate relief. The easiest way to do this is to keep sucking on ice chips. This will take care of the dryness in the mouth and will also almost immediately relieve the burning sensation. Alternately, one could also chew gum. However ensure that it is sugar free as sugar worsens the affliction. Ice cream too should be avoided for the same reason. Supplementing your diet with nutrients is the next step. Increase your daily intake of vitamin B and iron. Milk and milk products, sea food, eggs, whole grain cereals, pulses are rich in these nutrients and will greatly help in the event of burning mouth and tongue. Avoid eating excessively spicy food.

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