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Oral medicine updates
Vitamin B deficiency, a benign tongue condition called geographic tongue, a common skin rash in the mouth called lichen planus, dry mouth, diabetes, or less commonly hormonal factors and allergic reactions. Treatment is aimed at management of the underlying abnormality.
However, in the vast majority glossodynia represents a manifestation of anxiety and/or depression with no clinically visible changes. The tongue is usually normal, although there may be slight redness at the tip of the tongue occasionally. The complaint is often of a burning sensation at the tip and sides of the tongue. Similar symptoms may appear in any area of the oral cavity, such as the palate and lips, and then the condition is called burning mouth syndrome. The condition may show remissions and exacerbations and may persist for some time. There is no specific treatment, although various antidepressant medicines have been used successfully. Occasionally referral for counselling is helpful.
FROM Anna Talacko
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If you have this problem see your dentist who may be able to give you help and advise and refer you to an Oral Medicine specialist if required.
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