Advice for mouth sores; Burning mouth and tongue
Advice for mouth sores; Burning mouth and tongue

Avoid chillies, brinjal, ginger, pepper etc. If ginger is necessary,
must be boiled till water reduces to half quantity. All leafy green
and slender vegetables are cooling. Drink made from soaking black
raisins, fennel seeds, candy sugar is also desirable twice a day.
Avoid all kinds of oils. Fried/spicy items and curd (yoghurt) contra-
indicated. Avoid all cerals except green gram soup and Khitchri.
Rice wheat are cooling, bakery items best avoided. These do not allow
rapid recovery under Raktapitta condition. Garlic, drumstick, papaya,
curd, tomato should be avoided.

Heavy exercise, sunbath, sauna-steam bath, going out in hot sun,
staying awake late night, should be totally avoided. The garden where
water is sprayed, A.C. halls, hill stations, river, lakes are the
areas where pitta dosha reduces. A light massage by cow clarified butter on palms and feet will lead to good sleep, which is very beneficial.

Rose petal Jam known as Gulkand in ayurveda is available online from many sites. If it is available in the form "Mixed with Praval" it will give rapid relief from burning and sore boil. Praval means coral calcium. Burning is caused by acidity in blood. To reduce acidity rapidly, coral calcium helps.

A herbal product named Katha, the names of which in various languages of the world are available at

is helpful for mouth sores, hoarseness of voice and even throat infecions of mild order. Lick the pieces of this Katha about 10-15 times a day. Within two days sore should be gone.

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